Why Have Obama’s Ratings Plunged?

Because no one believes a thing he and his staff say, even Vice-President Biden.

We know this (the job stats) is not 100 percent accurate.

Latest claim of 640,329 jobs created based on “mistakes” … “PURE FANTASY“.

When a non-partisan observer correctly does simple division, the administration doesn’t like the result, so they call it “calculator abuse“.  [I thought the new administration wanted citizens to be good at math.  It seems, however, that if arithmetic doesn’t provide the answer they want, the president’s economists are suggesting that people do math wrong so that the answer comes to whatever President Obama wishes.]

From the network that believed the George Bush’s fake TANG documents, some skepticism about the administration’s believability.

It all has to do with honesty and promises.  Instead of the hope of truth and the promise of transparency, we’ve gotten lies and obfuscation.  Nobody believes them any more, even the press.

— uo

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Government Impact on the Economy

Just a quick thought.  One of the more interesting aspects of today’s economic data isn’t just how much of it was impacted by the government, which was substantial, but what government programs provided the impact.  The major sources of economic growth were from two areas: the housing tax credit and the cash for clunkers.

Amazing.  Two programs that reduced the after-tax costs of major purchases were the reason the economy grew! The rest of the stuff that the stimulus package was designed to boost … not much .

I wonder if Washington is hearing the message that the economy is telling it.

— uo

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I Dare Larry David To Do This To A Pic Of Muhammad

Larry David pisses on a pic of Jesus as part of a joke because he’s not afraid of any retaliation.  Larry David is a bully and a coward, because he knows Christians will only fight with words.

If he had any balls, he’d do this to a picture of Muhammad.  Then we’d see what kind of backbone the man really has.  But that’s not going to happen.  He doesn’t have the guts to put his life on the line for a laugh.

— uo

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Mr. President, What Have You Been Doing For the Past 51 Weeks Since You Were Elected?

“Playing golf and basketball without girls, choosing a dog and celebrating its birthday, going on really nice, really expensive dates, raising money for my fellow Democrats.  And pretty soon, I’m going to start asking those questions that never got asked. “ — Barack Obama

— uo

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Arnold FINALLY Tells California Legislators Exactly How He Feels

F–k You

I’m sure the alignment of the letters is just a coincidence, but still…  Click the link above to see what he wrote.  Pretty strong even before you consider the location of key letters.

Speaking of lamentations …

— uo

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Suspect Left Bound, Gagged and Beaten Outside Courthouse

72-year-old father delivers a can of whoopass 27 years later. Father kidnaps the suspect in the killing of his daughter.  Dumps the bound, gagged and beaten convict in the street outside the courthouse.

— uo

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No Thanks to ACORN

50 Children Rescued From Prostitution.  Interestingly, 60 pimps were arrested … probably at their local ACORN offices getting tax avoidance, lending fraud, and underage sex-slave importation advice.

— uo

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Science Proves Obama Administration Is A Bully Because It’s Incompetent

Last week, I proposed that the Obama Administration and the President himself had resorted to bullying tactics due to incompetence.  After all, science has demonstrated that is what bullies do when they’re in leadership positions.

Here’s more evidence of the incompetence:

Are the Obamanoinds as dumb as they seem?

The one-word answer to that question is, yes, which is no surprise.  While that’s not surprising whatsoever, the results of the administration’s bullying are providing plenty of surprises:

CNN’s Anderson Cooper compares Obama to NIXON

TV Networks Stand up to Whiner-in-Chief

30 Rock makes fun of Obama

When your most ardent supporters take you on, it’s a total backfire.

I’m laughing at the superior intellect.” – JTK

— uo

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Anita Dunn in Her Own Words

I’m not a big Glenn Beck fan.  I think he goes over the top sometimes.

But you have to hand it to him, he got the video of Anita Dunn saying how she admired Chairman Mao.  And the video is actually worse than I thought when I first read her quote.  Originally, I thought her mention of Mao as one of her favorite philosophers might have been a brief throwaway sentence, kind of like when Marge Schott said this about Hitler:  “He was O.K at the beginning.  He rebuilt all the roads, honey.  You know that, right?  He just went too far.”

As this video shows, however, Ms. Dunn’s comments were not isolated to one sentence, her comments were not taken out of context, and she was not speaking off the cuff.  She was reading from the text of her prepared speech.  Anita Dunn truly admires how Mao fought against all odds, and fought his war on his terms, in his own way.

Earth to Anita: He’s the man responsible for more human deaths than anyone in history.

— uo

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Sycophantic Press Is Called A Lap-dog By Top Obama Official

The lady who showered accolades on the most efficient killer in human history has a few choice words when describing the press during last year’s election:

“Very rarely did we communicate through the press anything that we didn’t absolutely control”

Actually, when you read the entire story, what the Obama team did is not nearly as bad as the headline sounds.  Because what they were trying to do was force the press to report on what Obama actually said, as opposed to the media’s interpretation of what was said.  For instance, instead of granting an interview that could be edited and broadcast later, Obama would do a live town hall.  So the coverage he got was a video feed of the live event that couldn’t be edited, as opposed to a story that the reporter did, which would be shown later with the reporter’s nuance and bias.

In my business, I’ve been interviewed in the press hundreds of times.  I was on the front page of The New York Times a decade ago.  I don’t talk to reporters much anymore because most of the time, they just can’t get the story straight.  I deal in a complex business, and it takes years to grasp a full understanding of what I do.  So when a new reporter starts to cover my field, you can be sure that whatever is said to the reporter will be taken out of context, quoted incorrectly, interpreted wrong, etc.  It was very rare indeed for an entire article to be written about my subject matter without some error in it, because the omission or modification of one word could change the meaning of everything.  And the press I dealt with just wasn’t that careful.

In other words, I don’t see this as Obama’s or his team’s fault that they had to resort to these tactics.  It’s the press’ fault for being lazy and incompetent!  In sum, while I think Anita Dunn is horrifically misguided on who her role models are, I do agree that the mainstream press is so completely and absolutely bereft of effort and intellect , that anybody who wants to get a message out has to do it in a way that completely circumvents the 4th estate.

— uo

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