Baucus Health Care Plan Leaves 18 Million Uninsured

Did Linda Douglas really defend the Senate version of the health care bill and say that “it will cover 94 percent of Americans”? Only 94% … meaning it would not cover 6%?  That’s the quote attributed to her in Jake Tapper’s article earlier today.

Let’s do the math: with the population at 306 million, 6% means that more than 18 million will still be uninsured! According to the President’s speech before Congress, there are 30 million Americans who cannot get coverage. So this bill is only going to help 12 million get what they need.  That’s not even half!

What’s interesting is that this reconciles with the president’s previously stated numbers of “46-47 million people without health insurance in our country”.  Here’s how it reconciles.  If 30 million cannot get coverage, and 47 million people are without covereage, it means that 17 million don’t have insurance because they choose not to.

So what this bill does is force the 17 million who don’t have insurance to buy it. And it provides insurance for 12 million who can’t get it. That’s how you get to the “29 million uninsured Americans” that this bill is supposed to cover according to the Congressional Budget Office.

In other words, the big improvement in insurance coverage comes from forcing people to get insurance who currently choose not to get it.

And here’s the punchline:  18 million — more than half of those who can’t get insurance now — will remain uncovered!

WTF???  You mean to tell me that we’re going through this partisan hate-spewing exercise and yet we’re not going to improve the situation for those who “cannot get coverage” by even half?

Seriously, only in Washington would something that forces people to buy something they don’t want, while improving the plight of less than half the people who actually need help, be considered a success.

— uo

UPDATE: More proof that the numbers — millions left uninsured — above are correct.

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