Why Have President Obama’s Comments About Opponents Gotten “Meaner”?

Many people have said that President Obama has gotten mean, resorting to bullying opponents and allies.  Some have said the attacks have gotten so shrill that it appears that the administration lacks confidence in its policies.

Is there a reason that the president has abandoned his uplifting message for a full frontal assault that borders on bullying?  Actually, there is, and science provides the answer.

“… leaders who feel incompetent really do lash out at others to temper their own inferiority.

— uo

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  3. […] So when things change, when things don’t go as the academic elite predict (such as unemployment skyrocketing even after administration economists predicted the stimulus would drive unemployment down), it is the president who clings to tired and worn out ideas.  And it is the president and his handlers who, for purely scientific reasons, turn into bullies. […]

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