Anita Dunn in Her Own Words

I’m not a big Glenn Beck fan.  I think he goes over the top sometimes.

But you have to hand it to him, he got the video of Anita Dunn saying how she admired Chairman Mao.  And the video is actually worse than I thought when I first read her quote.  Originally, I thought her mention of Mao as one of her favorite philosophers might have been a brief throwaway sentence, kind of like when Marge Schott said this about Hitler:  “He was O.K at the beginning.  He rebuilt all the roads, honey.  You know that, right?  He just went too far.”

As this video shows, however, Ms. Dunn’s comments were not isolated to one sentence, her comments were not taken out of context, and she was not speaking off the cuff.  She was reading from the text of her prepared speech.  Anita Dunn truly admires how Mao fought against all odds, and fought his war on his terms, in his own way.

Earth to Anita: He’s the man responsible for more human deaths than anyone in history.

— uo

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