Why Have Obama’s Ratings Plunged?

Because no one believes a thing he and his staff say, even Vice-President Biden.

We know this (the job stats) is not 100 percent accurate.

Latest claim of 640,329 jobs created based on “mistakes” … “PURE FANTASY“.

When a non-partisan observer correctly does simple division, the administration doesn’t like the result, so they call it “calculator abuse“.  [I thought the new administration wanted citizens to be good at math.  It seems, however, that if arithmetic doesn’t provide the answer they want, the president’s economists are suggesting that people do math wrong so that the answer comes to whatever President Obama wishes.]

From the network that believed the George Bush’s fake TANG documents, some skepticism about the administration’s believability.

It all has to do with honesty and promises.  Instead of the hope of truth and the promise of transparency, we’ve gotten lies and obfuscation.  Nobody believes them any more, even the press.

— uo

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  1. […] Democrats Are Tired Of The Lies … I Mean ‘Stupid Mistakes’ First, it was CBS News, Bloomberg, and Joe Biden’s own admission that the numbers were inaccurate.  Then came news from the Chicago Tribune and the Sacramento Bee […]

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