AP Poll Results: It’s Nearly Unanimous; The Country is United Against Tax and Spend

The Associated Press sponsored a poll on health care, then wrote a story about it.  Jamie has AP’s original headline: Tax the rich to pay for health bill.  The AP based this headline on the second part of question number 9, which was an eight-part question, where 57% of the respondents said that they favor a tax on people earning more than 250,000 in order to pay for health care.

But Jamie digs deeper than the headline to find some gems that don’t fit the narrative, such as the answer to this question “How much of the time do you think you can trust the government in Washington to do what is right – just about always, most of the time, or only some of the time?”   A total of 24% said all or most of the time.   Holy snikes!  Just 24%!!

Perhaps the article’s headline should have been: Landslide majority doesn’t trust the government to get health care right!

What’s also not told by the AP story, but which is in the actual poll itself, are these results that are even more overwhelming:

  • 88% oppose borrowing the money to pay for health care
  • 74% oppose taxing companies on the money they spend on health care for employees
  • 75% oppose increasing taxes paid by Americans no matter how much they earn
  • 73% favor reducing taxes on small companies if they offer health insurance to their workers

So the AP has these lopsided stats that are focused exclusively on tax and spend issues.  The results are mind-boggling.  You’ve heard about a country divided?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Because when you look at the actual numbers, the American public is overwhelmingly united against higher taxes and borrowing money.

One other thing I noticed in this poll — President Obama’s ratings on his handling of the 3 most important issues facing this country:

  • On the economy: 49% (less than 50%)
  • On health care: 47% (less than 50%)
  • On terrorism: 49% (less than 50%)

All three less than 50%.  Wow!!

— uo

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