Back from Vacation, and Laughing Out Loud

I don’t always agree with Jon Stewart, but when he’s on his game, he is laugh out loud funny.  Check out this video on the perversion of climate science.

Jon correctly points out that there is science, and there is advocacy.  And when you become an advocate, as opposed to a scientist with an open mind, you end up with unintended consequences.  For instance, my greatest concern is not that U.S. politicians will use this as an excuse to avoid clamping down on greenhouse gases.

As noted before, the reason the Kyoto Treaty didn’t get ratified by the U.S. is due to a 97-0 vote by the Senate that basically said as long as Kyoto exempts developing countries like China (world’s biggest polluter) and India, there is no way that the U.S. will ratify the treaty.  Therefore, the problem with a greenhouse gas agreement isn’t with the U.S.; it’s opposition among developing countries.  Therefore, if this controversy causes doubt that air pollution contributes to global warming, then we’ll never see a global solution to reducing air pollution in the foreseeable.

So what these advocates (not honest scientists!) have wrought is their worst nightmare — the exact opposite of what they intended.  Because of their outrageous behavior, there is no way we’ll see a meaningful agreement on air pollution reduction.

— uo

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