An Inherited Problem

One thing that persistently angers me is the president’s tendency to blame everything that goes wrong on someone else.  If the economy is weak, it’s Bush’s fault.  If something goes wrong in Afghanistan, it’s Bush’s fault.  Nothing is his fault.

Ironically, the one area where Obama could actually shift blame to someone else, he hasn’t … yet.  After 9/11, there were two massive bureaucracy changes: the creation of the Depart of Homeland Security and the Directorate of National Intelligence.  Both of changes were initially opposed by Bush, but the former president relented to Congress’ demands.

The promised result of these changes?  We were supposed to get better intelligence sharing so that shoe bombers didn’t keep their visas and board airplanes with explosives.  But that’s not what we’ve gotten.

How’s that 9/11 Commission reorganization working?

I just look forward to those Congressional hearings blasting the administration for not connecting the dots and not taking the terrorism threat seriously.

— uo

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