Why Obama Gets No Credit

From the AP:

Obama has openly wondered how some of his work is forgotten so fast.

“I think we have been successful in averting disaster,” Obama said on Dec. 16 about righting the economy. “You know, you don’t get a lot of credit for that, because nobody knows how bad it could have been.”

On this front, Obama often chides the media for what he sees as accentuating the negative and minimizing progress.

Actually Mr. President, there were people who told us they knew how bad it could have been.  Heck, they even had charts.  IT WAS YOU YOURSELF!

Remember all the rhetoric about the stimulus plan?  President Obama himself said that if we don’t pass his $787 billion spending bill, unemployment could shoot way up from the level it was at when he first took office.  With the stimulus plan, however, unemployment would only reach 8% in the third quarter of 2009, and start trending lower by the end of the year.  But that is not what happened.

Here’s our president’s “Plan”, compared to the cold hard truth.

Click image to enlarge

So why doesn’t the president get any credit?  Because when you look at that chart, you know he and his team have no idea what they’re doing.  The dark blue line is what we were promised our tax dollars would bring us.  The maroon dots are reality.  People are pissed because all that money appears to have been squandered.  What did we get for all that money?  According to the president’s own analysis, we got an unemployment rate WORSE than if we had done nothing!

Are we supposed to give him credit for being in a situation that is worse than the benchmarks he created for himself.

— uo

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