Everything You Need To Know About The Health Care Bill

Democrats need 60 votes to pass the health care bill.  That means all of them need to vote yes.  If they lose one vote, the bill dies.

Ted Kennedy’s old seat is being contested.  The election is next Tuesday.  The Republican in the race has closed a massive gap.  Some polls put the Republican in the lead.  If he wins, the health care bill in its current form is dead.

The Democrat needs help … big time.  So who is coming to the rescue?

HMOs and drug companies!

These guys are not giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars because they like you and me.  No, they are not evil.  But they’re not doing it because of some benevolent, humanitarian reason.  They want the Democrat to win because the health care bill will make them more money!

Think about who is willing to spend whatever it takes to pass the health care bill pass whenever you think that bill will keep a lid on costs.

— uo

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