GOP Hyperventilating Over Harry Reid

One thing I try to teach my kids is to pick your battles.  If you get agitated over every little thing, people either stop paying attention (best case scenario) or they start to think you’re nuts.

In the case of Harry Reid’s “insensitive” remarks, the Republicans should just shut up, because they’re only making themselves look stupid.

First, I agree completely with Ilya Somin, that they’re making a mountain out of a molehill, which could lead to unintended consequences.

Second, they’re comparing Harry Reid’s comments to Trent Lott’s noteworthy praise of Strom Thurmond.  WTF?  Harry Reid did not say that he wished a segregationist won the presidency.  Trent Lott did!  Sure, Trent was just being polite to an aging politician who had been in office since the fall of Rome.  [As an aside, isn’t that part of the problem, that once in office, these guys never leave until they’re chased out?]

What Trent Lott did will be identical to what is bound to happen sooner or later.  When Democratic West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd eventually passes on, there are going to be all sorts of tributes to the man who has had more roads and buildings named after him while he was still alive than any American.  Just drive through West Virginia and you can’t help but see the name of the former Exalted Cyclops everywhere.

Robert Byrd was a racist member of the KKK.  It will be fascinating to see how he is eulogized.  Because my guess is that many Democrats who were up in arms over Trent Lott saying something nice about a 100-year old former racist, will be the ones who will say some very nice things about a former racist who went on to be the longest serving member in the history of the Senate.

That’s when Republicans can make an accurate comparison to the treatment Lott got.  Until then, they should just drop the Lott analogy.

— Don

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