AP Motto: We Won’t Waste Your Time Telling The Whole Story, Because That Would Be Too Much Work

AP: Reporter stumbles chasing hopeful for Kennedy seat

BOSTON (AP) – A reporter trying to question the Democrat seeking to replace Edward Kennedy in the Senate has been involved in a scuffle with one of her aides.  John McCormack of the Weekly Standard fell Tuesday night near Attorney General Martha Coakley. He was audiotaping her while trying to pass a metal grate on a Washington sidewalk.

Funny, the article already has one correction.  The original story said McCormack was making a videotape.  Actually, he was making an audiotape.  But that’s not the major correction that’s needed.  For that, we need to go to a statement coming from Coakley aide, Michael Meehan:

“Last evening I was a little too aggressive in the confusion of trying to help the Attorney General get to her car and catch a flight.  I clearly did not intend to cause John McCormack to trip and fall over that low fence. As the video shows and he confirms in his blog, I stopped to help him up and make sure he was OK.”

I actually watched the video last night.  I was going to write that Coakley, who said she saw nothing, had to be a liar because there are pictures of her standing over the fallen McCormack.

But when I watched the video in show motion, I realized that the scuffle took place slightly behind her and to her left.  Unless she had eyes in the back of her head, she really didn’t see anything.

I also noticed that Meehan did not shove McCormack to the ground.  Instead, he physically diverted McCormack into an area where there was that low fence, over which McCormack tripped and fell.  I took the time to watch the video and saw it pretty clearly.  And Meehan apologized for his role.

My question is, what on earth is wrong with the AP?  What is it that causes them to not mention that there was a scuffle, but fail to mention that Meehan was a contributor?   Is the AP is afraid of something?  Or were they too stinking lazy to actually watch the video?

Also, good for Meehan.  I’m glad he stepped forward.  People should not be afraid of admitting that they contributed to accidents.  Accidents happen.  We all have them.  Some us even cause them.  It’s why they’re called accidents.

Again, I think this is a complete non-issue for the campaign.  But it is an issue for the mainstream press.  Because failing to tell the whole story when there are witnesses and video, exposes one of three things: bias, stupidity, or laziness.  I wonder which one it is?

— uo

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