Obama Targets Tax Cheats

President Obama is cracking down on tax cheats.  Believe it or not, the president had to use his executive authority to bar deadbeat companies from doing business with the government.  Apparently, stiffing the government did not disqualify you from getting money from the taxpayer!

You know, only in government does something like this actually have to be spelled out for the people who dispense our money!

Despite the fact that it’s ridiculous that he even has to tell people not to deal with deadbeats, I’m glad he’s doing it.  My only question is, what about these guys?

  1. Tim Geithner
  2. Tom Daschle (with comment)
  3. Nancy Killefer
  4. Hilda Solis
  5. Rahm Emanuel (disputed)
  6. Ron Kirk
  7. Kathleen Sebelius

Every single one of them a tax “cheat”.  If you ever needed any evidence as to why people are mad at government and voting out incumbents, this is it.  Politicians pass rules for you and me, but they don’t follow the rules themselves.

And believe me, this is just the list from the administration.  If I were to put together the list of tax cheaters in Congress, I’d be  days.

— uo

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  1. okay, people need to know this!

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