Who Runs All These Orphanages?

We all know that when a Republican does something wrong, the media piles on and let’s the whole world know that the culprit had an [R] next to his or her name.  And that when a Democrat does something wrong, it’s a game of “Name that party“, because the press ain’t gonna tell you.  It may seem like a small omission, but it’s glaring proof of media bias.

Well, they’re at it again, only this time, the press is going to tell the entire world of the greatness of the U.S. to take all those hopeless Haitian orphans, as if it’s the entire country doing the hard work.  Well, as much as I like America, it’s not.  The rescue of orphans is being done by a small group.  But who are they?  Who are the people behind all of these orphanage-operating groups?  You have to dig deep, because the media isn’t going to give up that information easily.  You can find it.  But the truth is buried beneath the rubble of worthless words.

The orphans that the Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell flew back with: BRESMA

The orphan that Iowa Senator Tom Harkin claims to have brought to the U.S.: CTOMA

You know how eager the media was to portray Christianity in an unfavorable light by telling the world what Pat Robertson said. [Okay, in fairness, what former presidential candidate Pat Robertson said is so moronic, that the world did deserve to learn how pathetic he’s become.]

But why not balance things and tell the world that CHRISTIAN missions are the primary source for all these orphan rescues?

— uo

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