What A Military Disaster Response Looks Like

Next time some pompous windbag diplomat complains that our military is taking over rescue operations, tell him “HELL YEAH, and here’s why.” Then point him to these stunning, funny, heartwarming pictures from navy.mil.

"Who needs a dock or a port?"

"We'll just come right onto the shore!"

There's more than airplanes on the USS Carl Vinson

Providing comfort aboard the USNS Comfort

This minesweeper takes on a different role, airlifting supplies.

How many Marines can you fit in a Super Stallion?

Carry the Marines onshore, evacuate the patients back to the ship.

The skies are getting crowded.

Sometimes, those of us who are landlocked, take things for granted like figuring out where the best shore access point is.

"You need fresh water? We'll make some and send it to you. We even wear protective goggles to keep eye-goobers from contaminating it."

Wow, is the Haitian airport small.

LA Firefighters work through the night.

USNS Grasp arrives. "Any ocean, any time." Amazing ship.

These are just a handful of more than 400 at the Navy’s web site.

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