A Breathtaking Level of Stupidity

I usually don’t like to directly call a person stupid.  I do think that certain people believe they’re far smarter than they really are.  But in this instance, the level of idiocy is simply mind-blowing.  Sarah E. Mendelson of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, who despite having studied the issue intensively, has this to say:

“It’s obviously proven a lot more difficult than a lot of us expected to close Guantánamo.”

Hey you idiot who has studied this issue intensively and are still too stupid to know that this was a dumb idea, leave the “us” out of it.  Only an imbecile like yourself would have thought that closing Guantánamo would be easy.  The reason it would be so difficult is this concept called UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES.  Have you ever heard of that you freakin’ moron?

You can’t just shut that prison down.  You either have to release the prisoners, move them, or try them.  There are no other choices.

If you move them, where are you going to put them?  The U.S.?  Not a chance.  Mayor Bloomberg finally figured how stupid that was.  Move them to another country?  Are you kidding?  Nobody else wants them.  So moving them is out.

How about releasing them?  I think the release of those Yemeni prisoners who returned to jihad to fight again put an end to that.  So you can’t release them.

So now what?  That leaves only two choices.  Try them or hold them without trial.  You can’t do the latter, so you have to try them.  But where?  And when?

More important, why?  No al-Qaeda member is going to get a fair trial.  After all, the president’s own press secretary Robert Gibbs has already told us what the outcome of the trial is going to be.  Not only that, he has told us what the sentence will be (which means he knows the verdict will be guilty).  Talk about jury tampering!!

I’m telling you, these people advising the president, especially Eric Holder, are morons.  President Obama is making horrible decisions.  He’s dropping in the polls is because everybody now knows how bad those decisions are.

— uo

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