It’s Not My Fault (continued)

Over a year ago, Vice President Joe Biden claimed that the stimulus was already doing its job.

Just last month, he claimed that the newest numbers were proof that the stimulus had led to the “Recover Summer“.  No doubt, worries about the carbon emissions have taken a back seat for now.

My question is, if things are working as well as the administration claims, why is the president expanding the blame game to Congress, which his party controls so effectively that they were able to cram through the healthcare bill that the majority of Americans oppose?

— uo

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Panic Time!

Just two weeks ago the administration’s pitch was “Welcome to the Recovery“.

Thing is, it never was a recovery, just inventory restocking.

What’s funny is that this isn’t even a case of the emperor has no clothes, because nobody except the most rabid partisans were buying into the notion that there was a recovery in the first place.

What has happened, however, is that even the kool-aid drinking partisans … even the administration itself … doesn’t believe the positive spin anymore.  Instead, they’ve panicked, resorting to the only thing they’ve ever been able to do successfully: Blame Bush.

This will backfire.  Because what it will do is remind people that the only thing the Democratic leadership (not Democrats in general, just the Pelosi-Reid-Obama nexus) has ever done successfully is blame Republicans for failed policies.  That strategy may work when you’re the minority.  But when you control things as completely as the Democrats did (remember, they had a filibuster proof majority till Ted Kennedy died), blaming someone else won’t res0nate.

I’m laughing at the superior intellect.

— uo

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I can’t decide … do I want it, or do I NEED it?

[via: Popsci]

— uo

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Michelle’s Excellent Adventure

If you haven’t heard already, our first lady is on vacation.  You wouldn’t know it if all you read was CNN.  But it’s one of the most lavish vacations any First Lady  has ever taken while in the White House.  Some are calling her a modern day Marie Antoinette.

What I found odd is that Michelle/Marie took the trip without the President on his birthday, and when Malia was in summer camp.  What, no family vacation?  Oh, that’s right, they’re going to the Gulf Coast as soon as she gets back, then it’s off to Martha’s Vineyard for 10 days.  Wow, that’s some vacation schedule!

The New York Times saw fit to compare “Marie’s” trip to trips Laura Bush took by herself.  Apparently Mrs. Bush traveled in a Secret Service plane, not the plane that serves as Air Force Two (or Air Force One when the 747 can’t be used).  Also, Mrs. Bush camped and hiked in our National Parks.

So why, on a day when his top economic advisor quit because of disagreements on how to combat the economic malaise, would the President allow this kind of out-of-touch, in-your-face, hypocritical image to be broadcast to the world?  I mean, this is the guy calling for sacrifices so that the country can get on its feet.  Having his wife take a trip like this is about as tone-deaf as a leader can get.  So why do it?

There are two reasons: 1) the president is so used to the Journolist press corps defending him at every turn that he thinks he can get away with it, or 2) he doesn’t care because he doesn’t really want to be president; he just wants the perks.

— uo

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