Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself

Kaus on a roll: “Obama blames voters again!”

The only disagreement I have with Kaus’ narrative is the persistent assumption that Obama is smart as many people think he is.  He’s not!  I’m not saying the president is stupid.  It’s just that he doesn’t seem to be capable of accepting and learning from new information.

So when things change, when things don’t go as the academic elite predict (such as unemployment skyrocketing even after administration economists predicted the stimulus would drive unemployment down), it is the president who clings to tired and worn out ideas.  And it is the president and his handlers who, for purely scientific reasons, turn into bullies.

— uo

P.S. – Want proof these academics are not as smart as they think they are?  Look no further than this graph showing the laughably bad prediction for unemployment rates compared to the realized unemployment rate.

Earth to Obama: You can’t borrow and spend a trillion dollars, and get these kinds of results, and then think that nobody will notice or care.

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