The Prosecutor’s Name was Javert

I’ve been in this situation.  I live in an area where the public schools in our district are total crap.  The middle school has been one of those “failing” schools that are so bad that low income kids can transfer out.

I happen to be one of those rich bastards who have enough money to pay for private school.

But not everybody who is in my situation goes with the private school solution.  I have heard of some families who live in bad school districts, yet they still send their kids to public schools.  But here’s the catch.  They buy condos or small houses in a good district and register that as their home address so that their kids don’t have to go to the bad school.

With that in mind, read this: You’ll Stick With Your Crappy School, and You’ll Like It

Crazy case in Ohio, where a 40-year-old single mother lied about the residency of her children in order to get the kids into a better public school. Kelley Williams-Bolar claimed her kids lived with their grandfather rather than with her in Akron. Instead of merely transferring the kids back to the bad school, local officials instead decided to charge Williams-Bolar with two felonies, claiming that by enrolling her kids in the better school, she defrauded taxpayers of more than $30,000.

Williams-Bolar was convicted and sentenced to five years in prison earlier this month …

So the rich can buy an empty condo whose only purpose is to get an address in a school district so their kids get into the most desired schools.  But a poor black woman does something not that different than those rich families, and she gets convicted of felonies and sentenced to five years in prison.

I hear the prosecutor’s name was Javert.

By the way, wasn’t government-mandated busing supposed to have made all school districts equal so that this kind of thing wouldn’t be necessary?

— uo

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