Dick Cheney’s Plan is Nearly Complete

More people are noticing that George W. Bush is now enjoying his 3rd term, as President Change has morphed into President Same.

— uo

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Has President Obama Actually Been Dick Cheney’s Secret Plan All Along?

One wonders? Seriously, President Obama has completely reversed what he said as a Senator and a presidential candidate and has become the Bush/Cheney administration’s most powerful advocate.

President Obama reversed himself on military tribunals, the closing of Guantanamo, and the Patriot Act.

He has reversed his own statements in the Senate and has become an unlikely advocate for Executive Power.

He signed into law an extension of the Bush tax cuts (notice all the happy faces!). He reappointed Bush’s Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke. President Obama appointed Republican and corporatist GE chief Jeffrey Immelt to head the president’s jobs panel.

The president may have spoken differently as a candidate, but once in office, he completely adopted the Bush/Cheney Doctrine.  He has engaged U.S. servicemen and women to support the formation of a democracy in the Arab world, he (and the Democrat-controlled Congress) increased the number of troops in Afghanistan, similar to the surge that Bush implemented in Iraq.  Speaking of Iraq, it looks like Iraq is going to last far longer than candidate Obama promised.

And now President Obama is taking credit for cutting the budget even more than the Republican Congress first asked for.

If I was a conspiracy nut, I’d think that this guy was really a Dick Cheney plant. Think about it. The ONLY thing that President Obama has actually accomplished that is NOT in sync with the Bush/Cheney administration is health care reform.  But to get that deal done, the president abandoned the public option. What’s more, in a surprising move, the various provisions of the law are not severable. So if anything in the law is found to be unconstitutional, the ENTIRE law gets tossed. Some people think the lack of severability was was an error.  But was it?

A conspiracy theorist might believe that the healthcare error was intentional — to make it seem like President Obama was a liberal when in fact he knew that the healthcare law would get tossed on the individual mandate issue.  That is, the president talks like a good liberal.  Meanwhile, the things the president actually accomplishes is making permanent everything else that Bush/Cheney stood for.

I’ve heard that, based on the policies President Obama says he’s for, some people believe he is a Manchurian candidate for either Muslims or communists.

The president’s accomplishments, however, lead to a totally different conclusion. Looking at his actual record, President Obama may actually be a plant by Dick Cheney. The evidence is starting to become overwhelming.

— uo

P.S. – This pretty much seals the deal for me. The one liberal “social” policy that President Obama has put his stamp on is gay marriage. But again, what President Obama is doing is right in line with Dick Cheney’s views.

P.P.S. – You know what the price of oil has done lately. Have you seen what that has done to Halliburton stock since Obama took office?!

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