Should bin Laden Have Been Buried on Land?

Lots of reasons not to do it.  The main one being that it would create a shrine to the martyr.

On the other hand … and I can’t decide if my idea is laughable nonsense or if it’s a seriously good idea … if your objective is to look for terrorists, and you want to make it easier to find those terrorists, wouldn’t a bin Laden grave site be the ultimate “honey pot”?  Anybody who would visit the location would instantly self-identify as an al-Qaeda supporter.

— uo

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Dick Cheney’s Secret Assasination Squad

To get Osama, President Obama utilized Navy SEAL Team 6.  When Bush was in office, it was referred to as “Dick Cheney’s Secret Assassination Squad” (now known as the DCSAS) by all the smart, critical-thinking people.  Folks like:

Seymour Hersh

Keith Olbermann

Stephen Colbert

Now?  Liberals LOVE those dastardly SEALS.  Check back for updates.  This list is bound to get longer.

And for what it’s worth, the fact that President Obama used the DCSAS is yet another piece of evidence that our current president truly is a nothing more than a cog in Dick Cheney’s plan to run the country.  President Obama may talk like a liberal, but he behaves like a cowboy.

— uo

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