Star Trek Unleashed

Yesterday it was this:  Scientists Invent a Tractor Beam.

Today, it’s phasers: Scientists examine possibility of a phonon laser, or ‘phaser’

I have officially been set to “stunned”.

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I can’t decide … do I want it, or do I NEED it?

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Old Cars, Beautiful Photos

Here’s the best part.

Here’s the entire photo set.  No Photoshop, all models!


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Spiderman With A Tape Measure

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More Amazing Pics Of The Haitian Disaster Response

Simply stunning.

"The bridges are destroyed." ... "It's okay, we have a few extra causeways on board."

"The airport, it's not big enough." ... "Then we'll make it bigger."

"But the runways at the airport are clogged." ... "Who needs a runway?"

"But the airport's fire equipment was destroyed." ... "It's alright, we brought a fire department with us."

"But our port is destroyed" ...

... "We can fix that too."

"But what do we do till you finish your repairs?" ... "I keep telling you, the Navy doesn't need ports!"

"You cannot handle water without special goggles."

Some diplomats may be complaining ... But this Haitian isn't.

A helping hand.

Be sure to check out these pics from last night.

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What A Military Disaster Response Looks Like

Next time some pompous windbag diplomat complains that our military is taking over rescue operations, tell him “HELL YEAH, and here’s why.” Then point him to these stunning, funny, heartwarming pictures from

"Who needs a dock or a port?"

"We'll just come right onto the shore!"

There's more than airplanes on the USS Carl Vinson

Providing comfort aboard the USNS Comfort

This minesweeper takes on a different role, airlifting supplies.

How many Marines can you fit in a Super Stallion?

Carry the Marines onshore, evacuate the patients back to the ship.

The skies are getting crowded.

Sometimes, those of us who are landlocked, take things for granted like figuring out where the best shore access point is.

"You need fresh water? We'll make some and send it to you. We even wear protective goggles to keep eye-goobers from contaminating it."

Wow, is the Haitian airport small.

LA Firefighters work through the night.

USNS Grasp arrives. "Any ocean, any time." Amazing ship.

These are just a handful of more than 400 at the Navy’s web site.

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Miracle In Haiti

I had no idea the human body was capable of this:

French rescuers pulled a teenage girl – very dehydrated, with a broken left leg and moments from death – from the rubble of a home near the destroyed St. Gerard University on Wednesday, a stunning recovery 15 days after an earthquake devastated the city.

Darlene Etienne was rushed to a French military field hospital and then a hospital ship, groaning through an oxygen mask with her eyes open in a lost stare.

Speaking of miracles, Secretary of State Clinton told the complainers of the world what they deserve to be told:

“I deeply resent those who attack our country, the generosity of our people and the leadership of our president in trying to respond to historically disastrous conditions after the earthquake,” Clinton said.

That anybody criticizes the only entity on earth that has that much “muscle” to move that many people, that much equipment and all those supplies in that short of a time frame is ridiculous.  Talk about miracles!

I think this letter to the editor says it perfectly.  Here’s a pic of that hospital ship the French rescuers took that girl docked off the coast of Haiti.

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