On the Media’s Coverage of the Arizona Shootings

On the media’s coverage of Jared Loughner and the Arizona shooting:

“It’s strange, but when it comes to getting inside the mind of this human being who seems to possess no empathy, sense of morality, or hold on reality, and who is motivated only by personal animus and self-glorification, the nation’s major political pundits have been amazingly adept,” said Horizon Media analyst Bob Cullen, who has studied extensive tape of commentators on all major TV news programs and found their remarks on “what the killer is thinking” to be consistently thorough and detailed across the board. “It’s almost as though they have some way of knowing, firsthand, exactly what this demented and highly dangerous individual with the eyes of millions upon him is going through.”

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Interesting Coincidence

Time line:

1. Several years ago, Keith Olbermann becomes a GE employee (via GE’s ownership of MSNBC).

2. Keith Olbermann becomes a devout Obama supporter.

3. Keith Olbermann transforms into a disillusioned Obama supporter.

4. President Obama names head of GE to run the president’s economic advisory panel.

5. Unexpectedly, GE employee Olbermann resigns under pressure.

6. Like Olbermann’s perenially 2nd-place-rated show, the ratings for the story of Keith’s departure take a back seat to stories about Justin Timberlake’s texts and speculation that a star in the Orion nebula could go supernova next year.

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P.S. – I have to admit, that I am NOT happy about Immelt getting that presidential appointment.  After all, this is just another bailout boy getting fat at the government trough.

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Poor Santa

Poor Santa.

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The worst part is, people have already found a way to circumvent the technology.

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I thought the truthers and the birthers were deranged.  At least they had a legitimate reason.  With truthers, it was a tragedy of epic proportions bound to cause mental anguish that could lead to delusions.  The birthers have had to put up with roadblocks to documents they feel entitled to view.  Because they can’t, they assume a vast conspiracy.

But none of that exists here.  It’s just a freakin’ dance contest on broadcast TV.  And they’re pissed.  They’re also just plain nuts.

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IRONIC: Jesse Jackson’s Gas-Guzzling Cadillac Escalade SUV was hijacked and stripped while he was in Detroit promoting green jobs


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With summer having arrived, a word of warning about trying to get that perfect tan look.

Not just your face and chest. You need to get your arms too!

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From The Marketing Geniuses at Government Motors

I am not making this up.  In one of the greatest brain farts since New Coke, the folks at GM have instructed everyone at the central planning HQ to stop using the name Chevy.  SERIOUSLY!!  From today’s New York Times:

On Tuesday, G.M. sent a memo to Chevrolet employees at its Detroit headquarters, promoting the importance of “consistency” for the brand, which was the nation’s best-selling line of cars and trucks for more than half a century after World War II.

And one way to present a consistent brand message, the memo suggested, is to stop saying “Chevy,” though the word is one of the world’s best-known, longest-lived product nicknames.

“We’d ask that whether you’re talking to a dealer, reviewing dealer advertising, or speaking with friends and family, that you communicate our brand as Chevrolet moving forward,” said the memo, which was signed by Alan Batey, vice president for Chevrolet sales and service, and Jim Campbell, the G.M. division’s vice president for marketing.

Apparently, the folks who run chevrolet.com didn’t get the memo yet, or they’re too busy.  Because there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of references to “Chevy” on the website and on the websites of partners.

You know, it was just a month ago that Peter De Lorenzo was unloading yet again on the marketers at GM, only that time his ire was directed at Cadillac.  I can’t wait to see what he thinks of the change at Chevy … I mean Chevrolet.

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Update – I categorized this as funny because sometimes stupidity is laughable.  But I also categorized it as not funny because it’s taxpayer money that kept this kind of idiocy at GM afloat!  And on that note:

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EPIC FAIL: And you thought this only happened in cartoons!

The first thing to pop in your head when you read this headline will be the images from some cartoon you saw when you were a kid.

Handyman injured after chopping down branch he propped his ladder against

Good grief, even Wiley E. Coyote wasn’t that stupid.

But that’s not the only punchline.  He’s suing his employer for his injuries.


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And The Left Calls Republicans Stupid…

Apparently, Democrats don’t know the definition of the word “gay”.

Seventy-nine percent of Democrats said they support permitting gay men and lesbians to serve openly. Fewer Democrats however, just 43 percent, said they were in favor of allowing homosexuals to serve openly. Republicans and independents varied less between the two terms.

So Democrats want gays to serve, but they do not want homosexuals to serve?

“I’m laughing at the superior intellect.”

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Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

Apparently not!

The former Constitutional law professor’s teleprompter got confused.  But don’t worry, even though the teleprompter is an idiot, at least the president has a sixth grader he can turn to for advice.

And they make fun of Palin for being dim-witted.

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